Watch the recording of our webinar covering the IRA on August 8, 2023.

August 9, 2023 · Webinar

This is the recording of the webinar on August 8 hosted by Caleb Quaid and Randy Lucas. Click Randy’s name to learn more about him.

Signed in law in August 2022, the IRA creates and/or funds more than 130 programs totaling over $370 billion in support of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and decarbonization.

One year later, how does the IRA affect us, our businesses, and communities? How do we access the funding and understand the legislation?

Randy Lucas and Caleb Quaid will share insights learned from the first year working with the IRA, including an overview of the legislation and insights into specific programs for businesses, non-profits, and individuals that show why the IRA is game-changing legislation!