Raymond James Stadium Living Fence


In February 2022, Raymond James Stadium installed an 1,100 ft living fence of bamboo and native plants to provide an environmentally-friendly barrier to stop unauthorized vehicle access to their property.

In lieu of an aluminum fence, which is extractive, this living fence sequesters carbon and provides habitat for native wildlife.

The project is considered the first regenerative planting project in North American professional sports and garnered TV news.

Desoto Elementary Pollinator Garden

school garden

In partnership with Ellison Construction and Little Red Wagon Native Nursery, Regenerative Shift coordinated the planting of a 315 SF butterfly garden with 50 native plants, planted by 4th and 5th grade students.

Combined planting with a full school assembly teaching K-5th graders about pollinators, native plants, and regenerative concepts.

Project was certified by the Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation.