In the market for a used electric vehicle?  Check to see if the model of vehicle you want is eligible for a tax credit here: list of qualified vehicles

Beginning January 1, 2023, if you buy a qualified used electric vehicle (EV) or fuel cell vehicle (FCV) from a licensed dealer for $25,000 or less, you may be eligible for a used clean vehicle tax credit under Section 25E of the Inflation Reduction Act equal to 30% of the sale price up to a maximum credit of $4,000.

Important: The credit is nonrefundable, so you can’t get back more on the credit than you owe in taxes, and you can’t apply any excess credit to future tax years.

Who Qualifies?

You must: 

In addition, your modified adjusted gross income (AGI) may not exceed:

You can use your modified AGI from the year you take delivery of the vehicle or the year before, whichever is less.  If your income is below the threshold for 1 of the two years, you can claim the credit.

Qualified Vehicles and Sales

Vehicle must meet all of these requirements:

The sale only qualifies if:

Required information includes:

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